Our Services

We offer a variety of high-quality goods to meet all your needs, from delicious foods and refreshing beverages to cleaning and janitorial supplies, medical equipment, and professional services. Whether you’re stocking up pantry, outfitting a federal business, or keeping a governmental office clean and organized, we’ve got you covered. Browse our selection below and save up to 25% of your nest purchase.

Medical Supplies:

  • PPE: We offer a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment, including masks, gloves, gowns, and more, to keep your staff safe and protected.
  • Medical Devices: We provide a variety of medical devices such as diagnostic equipment, imaging equipment, and more.
  • Hospital Supplies: We have a wide range of hospital supplies, including surgical instruments, wound care products, and more.

Foods and Beverages:

  • Fresh and Frozen Foods: We offer a wide range of fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood to keep your staff well-fed and nourished.
  • Beverages: We provide a variety of beverages, including water, juice, soda, coffee, and more.
  • Canned Foods: We have a wide range of canned foods, including corn, carrots, peas, tomatoes, beets and fruits and baked goods.

Cleaning and Janitorial:

  • Facility Cleaning: We offer a wide range of facility cleaning services, including general cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more.
  • Specialty Cleaning: We provide a variety of specialty cleaning services, including power washing, graffiti removal, and more.
  • Janitorial Supplies: We have a wide range of janitorial supplies, including cleaning chemicals, paper products, and more.

Professional Services:

  • Legal and Financial Services: We provide a wide range of legal and financial services, including contract review and negotiation, financial analysis, and more.
  • Management and Public Relations: We offer expert management and public relations services, including strategic planning, crisis management, and more.
  • Research and Development: We have a team of experts who can help your organization with research and development, including product development, market research, and more.
  • Social Services: We offer a variety of social services, including community outreach, social program development, and more.
  • Technical and Engineering Services: We provide a wide range of technical and engineering services, including project management, design and development, and more.